6 Up-and-Coming Jewelry Designers Worth Your Time

Regardless of all the chaos going on in the economical aspects of the government, jewelry designers are appearing more and more often with brand new inspirational concepts and ideas. Jewelry markets all around the country are growing to massive establishments and as a result, new designers are releasing their collections for their first time opening.

However, not only are they making a great line of attention for themselves, but they are also creating a great impact off of their own rules as jewelry designers. These designers are releasing breathtaking jewelry that even the average life citizen couldn’t resist. This approach to solidify a position in the jewelry market has allowed new designers to share their stories through their work of jewelry collections.

Some of them may be starting just attempting to learn something new while others are traditionally involved with continuing a family legacy. Out of many, here are six of the next upcoming jewelry designers that are worth your time, attention, and money. Find their masterpieces at better stores such as joyerias en monterrey.


This brand is founded by Annette Lasala Spillane, a woman whose occupation was working in finance before her beginning her career in designing jewelry. With so much potential, Ms. Spillane’s jewelry line is very unpredictable with its fineness and endless uniqueness. Allowing her idea of being transformable to flow through her designer work many of her jewelry become other types of jewelry very instantaneously. This is known to be Spillane’s way of showing her way of evolving her business by following and adapting to her daily evolution of life.

Charlie Dolly

A very famous former model named Rebecca Romijn, who is now a jewelry designer, always had the vision of inventing a jewelry line of pure diamond that you should be able to live in. Her motto was to live in layered diamonds designed for any occasion. At the beginning of this year, a lead to her branding name came into thought and Rebecca launched her jewelry line under her twin daughters’ names. Ms. Romijn’s dynamic jeweler feature is floating diamonds which she uses a laser device to puncture the diamond and give it a floating illusion.


Based in Switzerland, the designer, Sophie Rogers successfully launches Pacharee. Growing up in Thailand, Ms. Rogers was very aware of the many colors and shapes she witnessed as a child, and to this day she holds them very close in her memory. Incorporated in her designs are the inspirations of these childhood colors and shapes which motivated her to use raw stones and Baroque pearls. Artistically, her artful nature compliments her use of clustered gemstone rings as well as hoops made out of gold and pearl.


After well-spent years in the industry of fashion, designers Jason Crantz and Marcela Ponce come together to create one of their best lines of jewelry called, Demarson. Due to Demarson’s self-branding and luxurious accessibility, the jewelry line is able to feature jewel pieces that can be worn in many different ways with its versatility. Their rings have the ability to be doubled into earrings and their earrings also have many different ways to be worn for specific occasions. This is just giving the world a taste of the new upcoming talented jewelry designers.

Annika Inez

Launched in 2019 in New York State, the founder of Annika Inez successfully reveals the opening to their new designer jewelry. With pieces that share the same uniqueness as the others including the added materials, the incorporation of hand-blown glass with silver and 14-karat pure gold creates a modern uniqueness for customers of the Annika Inez brand jewelry design. This modernness is complimentary to pieces such as bangles made of glass, cuffs for your ears, and earrings with metal sculptures.


In hopes of telling his story, George Root has become a jewelry designer for the company called Milamore. This company was designed in the state of New York but made and manufactured in the country of Japan. Based on George Root’s experiences, he has been able to make jewelry pieces that hold significance in the remembrance of Japanese methods for restoration. Using ceramics that have been shattered, the Japanese are fond of gluing them back together to create something more unique and beautiful out of the pieces of its destruction.

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