About Me

Hello everybody, my name is Barbara Haughton, but my friends often call me Barbie! And I like to think that anybody who reads my content can be a potential friend.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved everything that had to do with Barbie, I used to love dressing them up and how fashionable they could be. As I grew up, my interest in fashion and beauty didn’t stop. Instead of that, it grew into something amazing.

I didn’t stop at keeping myself updated on trendy things, but I also looked for ways of having a healthier life that could help me have the appearance that I wanted. So throughout the years, I managed to collect a whole lot of different beauty tricks and tips.

I think that fashion and makeup are both amazing ways to express your artistic self to the world, those elements help you present everyone who you are or what you want to be, and you do all that by also exploiting your creativity.

I created this blog to share my experience in fashion. I wanted to find a way to give out to the world everything that my creativity and knowledge has to offer. And to keep in touch with the amazing public that beauty and makeup have on the media.

I hope that you find everything in my blog to be useful and interesting!