6 Up-and-Coming Jewelry Designers Worth Your Time

January 17, 2021 Barbara Haughton 0

Regardless of all the chaos going on in the economical aspects of the government, jewelry designers are appearing more and more often with brand new inspirational concepts and ideas. Jewelry markets all around the country are growing to massive establishments and as a result, new designers are releasing their collections for their first time opening.

However, not only are they making a great line of attention for themselves, but they are also creating a great impact off of their own rules as jewelry designers. These designers are releasing breathtaking jewelry that even the average life citizen couldn’t resist. This approach to solidify a position in the jewelry market has allowed new designers to share their stories through their work of jewelry collections.

Some of them may be starting just attempting to learn something new while others are traditionally involved with continuing a family legacy. Out of many, here are six of the next upcoming jewelry designers that are worth your time, attention, and money. Find their masterpieces at better stores such as joyerias en monterrey.


This brand is founded by Annette Lasala Spillane, a woman whose occupation was working in finance before her beginning her career in designing jewelry. With so much potential, Ms. Spillane’s jewelry line is very unpredictable with its fineness and endless uniqueness. Allowing her idea of being transformable to flow through her designer work many of her jewelry become other types of jewelry very instantaneously. This is known to be Spillane’s way of showing her way of evolving her business by following and adapting to her daily evolution of life.

Charlie Dolly

A very famous former model named Rebecca Romijn, who is now a jewelry designer, always had the vision of inventing a jewelry line of pure diamond that you should be able to live in. Her motto was to live in layered diamonds designed for any occasion. At the beginning of this year, a lead to her branding name came into thought and Rebecca launched her jewelry line under her twin daughters’ names. Ms. Romijn’s dynamic jeweler feature is floating diamonds which she uses a laser device to puncture the diamond and give it a floating illusion.


Based in Switzerland, the designer, Sophie Rogers successfully launches Pacharee. Growing up in Thailand, Ms. Rogers was very aware of the many colors and shapes she witnessed as a child, and to this day she holds them very close in her memory. Incorporated in her designs are the inspirations of these childhood colors and shapes which motivated her to use raw stones and Baroque pearls. Artistically, her artful nature compliments her use of clustered gemstone rings as well as hoops made out of gold and pearl.


After well-spent years in the industry of fashion, designers Jason Crantz and Marcela Ponce come together to create one of their best lines of jewelry called, Demarson. Due to Demarson’s self-branding and luxurious accessibility, the jewelry line is able to feature jewel pieces that can be worn in many different ways with its versatility. Their rings have the ability to be doubled into earrings and their earrings also have many different ways to be worn for specific occasions. This is just giving the world a taste of the new upcoming talented jewelry designers.

Annika Inez

Launched in 2019 in New York State, the founder of Annika Inez successfully reveals the opening to their new designer jewelry. With pieces that share the same uniqueness as the others including the added materials, the incorporation of hand-blown glass with silver and 14-karat pure gold creates a modern uniqueness for customers of the Annika Inez brand jewelry design. This modernness is complimentary to pieces such as bangles made of glass, cuffs for your ears, and earrings with metal sculptures.


In hopes of telling his story, George Root has become a jewelry designer for the company called Milamore. This company was designed in the state of New York but made and manufactured in the country of Japan. Based on George Root’s experiences, he has been able to make jewelry pieces that hold significance in the remembrance of Japanese methods for restoration. Using ceramics that have been shattered, the Japanese are fond of gluing them back together to create something more unique and beautiful out of the pieces of its destruction.

fashionable watch

All About Watches

November 16, 2018 Barbara Haughton 0

Watches have been designed for sports enthusiasts for years. If you are involved in a sport, whether on land or on the water, there is a good chance that you can make use of a watch whilst you partake in your chosen activity to help you get more from it. Watches are far more convenient than mobile phones because you cannot take your phone with you most of the time.

Some watches are very valuable for sportsmen especially during training and even on the actual game. There are a lot of watches released in the market today. You just need to make sure that you will choose the one that has the basic features. These watches are not the typical watches that you know since they can withstand various conditions that are deemed to be harsh for regular watches. There are some things that you need to know about wristwatch, sport watch and tactical watch.

Well Built

It is a common feature of most watches that they are well built to help them to be durable. Sports watch is often a lot tougher than a phone – drop your phone and you’ll be buying a new one.


There are various types of sports watches that you will see in the market nowadays. You will see general and specialty ones with special abilities. General watches are for general activities or regular sports activities that a sports man does. One example of a specialty watch is the one that a scuba diver uses. This kind of watch is designed to withstand pressure and temperature of water. There are watches that are more advanced that a sports man can use in various activities.


A sports watch has various features to help an individual enhance his performance or guide him in his activities. Basic features that a watch must have include timer or stopwatch. There are also those that can monitor your heart beat and even your body temperature. You have to know that this kind of watch is water resistant and shatterproof most of the time.


There are activities that require special watches like diving and hiking. If you are into diving, you need to have a watch that can withstand water resistance and pressure. You also need to have a water proof watch. Hiking on the other hand is better if you have a GPS in your watch to guide you in your activity. Regular activities do not need these features.

A watch is good equipment that you can use especially if you are a sporty person. It will surely guide and help you in your activities. There are various information that you need to remember about wristwatch, sport watch and tactical watch for you to be able to choose the best.

How to buy watches?

They are just like any other watch available in the market. Sports watches are produced in a large number today since everyone plays some game or the other. So when you face different types of watches that have varied features you are bound to get confused and end up buying something that you did not want to buy. At this juncture you must be careful and follow a checklist that will enable you to bear a few some tips in mind that will surely assist you in choosing the right watch.

1. Remember to consider the basic features of the watch initially. Different types of sports watches could offer different functions and features that may be useful to one person and may not be to the other. It surely will improve the performance of specific sports personnel but will be futile to other disciplines. For example certain materials improve the performance, circulation and mental robustness of certain people during high impact activities but may not be useful or may be a waste for those who do not involve themselves in such activities.

2. Choose according to the requirements of your game since each game offers different requirements. For example a diver needs a watch that handles extreme pressure and depth. The correct watch optimizes your performance for sure.

3. Size of your watch is very important too since each individual has a different wrist size. You cannot afford to wear a watch that is loose on you. The above can be dangerous at times.

Sports watches are easy to find. You can do a market survey yourself or go online. You can buy watches online with your credit card details, head over to NanaDC. However what brand you choose is absolutely your choice since that decides how expensive or cheap your watch will be. Your sports coach can also guide you on buying the correct watch for you.


Watches are ideal for any sportsperson, whether you just want to tell the time in a convenient way which does not interfere with your activity, or you want to take advantage of all the other features. Look around at good makes such as Adidas watches and Casio watches and make sure you find the ideal watch to help you get more from your chosen sport.

3 Trends to Wear in Florida’s Winter Time

November 1, 2018 Barbara Haughton 0

When you mention the word winter, the picture that comes to the mind of most Americans involve streets full of white snow, cold days and nights and snowmen. However this is not the case in Florida, this is a fortunate aspect for many. But for others is not that great.

Winter clothes have some of the cutest and most fashionable clothing items ever but living in Florida means going through a snowless winter that doesn’t give you out the opportunity to pull off all of those fuzzy outfits.

However, there are some things that can be used when dealing with the coldish environment that does happen in Florida. Here we will show you some of the hottest clothing trends that you could keep in mind when buying clothes or choosing what you are going to get out of your wardrobe, particularly if you are in Florida during winter time.

Embroidered Sweaters

Thick layers of sweaters might not be the best option when dealing with Florida’s weather, but you can easily wear a light type of sweater, embroidered ones are not usually that hot, but they look extremely cute. Cropped sweaters are also a thing, and they are used as garments but not as actual warming clothes.

Scarfs, Jackets, and Vests.

If you are not that into sweaters, these kinds of articles will make it for you. Nice and soft scarfs, lightweight vests or jackets made of leather are always an option to add personality to your winter outfits.

Classical looks usually use these clothes with neutral colors that add a minimalist vibe to your look. However, according to some of the most important designers, what is trending now is animal print, which works to express confidence and audacity.


Keep your legs warm and elegant or sexy, depending on what you want to express, by using some tights that will definitely make a good difference in your outfits. Fishnet tights and texturized ones add consistency to your outfit, and lets you use any winter outfit principle: add layers.

Keep in mind that Florida is not a place to use full-on winter outfits but it won’t stop you from pulling off some cute clothes that will warm you enough, without actually killing you from hotness.

4 Handbags to Watch for This Season

October 27, 2018 Barbara Haughton 0

Anyone who has seen Mary Poppins’ movie has felt either delighted or intrigued by her bag and the way she could storage almost anything, no matter the size. I used to think that my mom had a bag like hers because she could storage from makeup to medicines and food.

However, handbags are not only used for their function but also for the way they go with the outfit. Handbags are not only a way of transportation for our things but a fashionable garment that adds spark and identity to our looks.

Today we bring you the best options that you could choose for this season, and all of them have reasonable prices so it is not such a strong hit to the wallet.

Cult Gaia Bamboo Clutch

If you are into bohemian or alternative kind of hipster styles, this handbag is just for you. It’s special design resemblances nature yet using a pallet of colors that can go with any outfit.

Tory Burch Fleming Shoulder Bag.

The biggest pro of this pick is that both its color and design allow it to be an option for your everyday routine. So that you dress fashionable designer garments without looking overdone. Simple yet fascinating, this handbag is perfect for almost any look.

Madewell Leather Drawstring Tote.

This handbag is spacious, so you will be able to carry all of your essentials, and despite the fact of it being large, it doesn’t look exaggerated at all. Its color and minimalism make it a great choice for almost any occasion.

Michael Kors Large Embellished Leather Shoulder Bag

This amazing bag is perfect to use it both in parties or at work. Its shiny ornaments make it look as it is a high fashion design that will boost your confidence by adding the perfect touch to your entire outfit.

The handbag that you pick can mark a great difference in how you look, so it is important that you look for something that works for you and your wardrobe and that makes you feel confident and happy with yourself.